Privacy & Cookies

This page is a privacy policy and cookies policy.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy document attempts to explain how this website works, and how data relating to you is used.

Server statistics and Web Logs

Like all modern servers this website’s server records basic anonymous information about the users of this website. This allows the server admins to understand how many people visit the site and which resources are being used.

Third party scripts

Like all modern websites this website makes use of some third party software, like Google AdWords and WordPress Statistics.

These third parties make use of cookies, and may also record basic anonymous data.

Forms on this website

The contact form on this website sends a message straight to us. We promise to never ever share your information with any third party, and to hold your details in the strictest of confidence.


This website makes use of cookies to track basic session information.

This allows us to tailor the experience of using this site just to you.

Some of the third party scripts we run may also use cookies, such as Google Analytics and WordPress Stats.

Please see the privacy policy of these organisations for more information.